• Large Choral Works Eastern/Asian
  • Andrew Paulus
Large Choral Works Eastern/Asian


This beautifully enlightened large choral work is sculpted around Buddhist teachings.The harmonies are lush and evocative over 5 movements, with a standout movement being the beautiful and melodic "Loving - Kindness". It's 23 minutes long and was premiered in 1999. SSAATTBB, A Cappella 

Echoes Between the Peaks

With a text that comes from one of the greatest chinese poet's of all time, Tu Fu, this soul stirring piece shows a mystic side of Paulus' writing. A truly unique offering from Paulus that sounds like nothing else he's written, it was premiered by the Dale Warland Singers in 1998. It's written for SSAATTBB mixed chorus, soprano solo and chamber ensemble, including flute, oboe, violin, cello, percussion and harp. 6 movements, 25 minutes

Songs of Meditation

This moving piece is a powerhouse written for SSAA chorus and orchestra. It was premiered and written for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and the Tucson Arizona Boys Choir in 1998. Text by Lal Ded, Mechtild of Magdeburg, Izumi Shikibu and Had, 28 minutes

Songs from the Japanese

This 3 movement work has a massive dynamic range that rings out with power and then drops down to almost silence. It's filled with classic Paulus harmony voicings with the end of the first movement being a highlight, as well as the back half of the 3rd movement that showcases a beautiful soli. 15 minutes long, SSAATTBB, A Capella

Three Chinese Poems

This lovely 8 minute piece, was an early work written by Paulus in 1973. The text is by  Han Yu, Li Shang-Yin and Tu Mu. SATB Chorus, A Cappella


  • Andrew Paulus