Smaller-scale instrumental music by Stephen Paulus.
Choral music by Stephen Paulus
A selection of great music to celebrate Easter, all written by composer Stephen Paulus. We have a wide range of selections that are suitable for any type of church choir or professional choir. Need help deciding? Get in touch with us at information@stephenpaulus.com
Guitar music by Stephen Paulus.
A selection of holiday music by Stephen Paulus

Music by Stephen Paulus for men's choris. Find great music for tenors and baritones. TTBB, ATBB and more.

Stephen Paulus choral works for mixed chorus (with male and female voices). SATB, SSAATTBB and more.
Mixed string music by Stephen Paulus.
Organ music by Stephen Paulus
Piano music by Stephen Paulus
Works for a solo musician or an accompanied solo musician.
Music by Stephen Paulus for Treble Chorus.
Unison & 2 Part choral pieces by Stephen Paulus
Wind music by Stephen Paulus.