A Refined Refliction (from A Baronian Suite)

This beautiful piece for solo organ was commission by Caron Farmer as an additional 5th movement to Paulus' Baronian Suite, written for Michael Baron of "Pipe Dreams" fame. Premiered in 2013, the final 5 measures were finished by Farmer due to Paulus' stroke. It's a Paulus family favorite and is one of Paulus' most memorable melody lines.


Blithely Breezing Along (from A Baronian Suite)

This is another fantastic selection for solo organ and taken as well from the Baronian Suite written for Michael Baron. It's 7 minutes long and was premiered by the American Guild of Organists' 2008 Organ Spectacular. It's a powerhouse of a piece with beautiful dynamic range.

Grand Concerto for Organ

Premiered in 2004 by Bradley Hunter Welch and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, this Grand Concerto is a grandiose 21 minute workout over 3 movements. It's a powerhouse of a work where the organ is seamlessly integrated with the orchestra. The range of tone in the work is perfectly reflected in the titles: Vivacious and Spitited, Austere; Foreboding and Jubilant.

King David's Dance

This 7 minute piece for solo organ was premiered in 2002 for Timothy Albrecht at Emory University. Paulus was very much at home writing for organ and would compose on the pipe organ at this church in St. Paul.


Premiered in 1996 by Anne and Todd Wilson at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York for the American Guild of Organists Centennial convention. It's a pumping juggernaut of a piece that builds and builds on its sterling sound.

The Triumph of the Saint

This 15 minute duet for organ was premiered in 1994 and spans 3 movemtents about the Triumph of St. Anthony. The second movement, "St. Anthony in Meditation" is particularly beautiful and soul stirring.


Premiered in 1996 by Kathy Handford in Lahti, Finland and featured at the Second Triennial International Organ Competition in Dallas, Texas in 2000, Toccata is a 10 minute piece for solo organ.


This 13 minute piece for solo organ was premiered in 2000 by Nancy Lancaster. the beautiful, somber second movement is bookended by two boisterous and jubilant first and third movments.


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