Explosions (for Solo Piano)

This solo piano piece is bouncy, punchy and full of power. It showcases not only dexterity but sensitivity and dynamic range. At 4 minutes it's a perfect for any recital or jury. Written for Nicola Melville in 2007.

Concerto for Piano and Winds

Commissioned by Emory University for pianist Will Ransom, this piece for solo piano and symphonic wind ensemble is punchy, bright, dynamic and mystical. It's 22 minutes long and ends with grand fanfare. The piece is exciting and percussive and shines with dexterity and rhythm. 3 movements

Duo for Clarinet and Piano

This duo piece for clarinet and piano is perfect for a recital. An early Paulus piece written in 1974, it was premiered by the Minnesota Composers Forum, (which Paulus co-founded), at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Piano Concerto

Paulus' first piano concerto is a 27 minute piece for solo piano and orchestra. It was premiered by the Philharmonia Virtuosi and Anton Nel as the soloist. One of Paulus' best works, it's movements range from grandiose to somber and nostalgic. The second movement stands out as one of Paulus' greatest achievements. 3 movements, Voicing: 2222/2200/Timpani/Percussion/S



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