Paulus not only wrote for large ensemble but penned many pieces for soloists, vocal and instrumental that are perfect for a recital. Here are some favorites.

Explosions (for Solo Piano)

This solo piano piece is bouncy, punchy and full of power. It showcases not only dexterity but sensitivity and dynamic range. At 4 minutes it's a perfect for any recital or jury. Written for Nicola Melville in 2007


Duo for Clarinet and Piano

This duo piece for clarinet and piano is perfect for a recital. An early Paulus piece written in 1974, it was premiered by the Minnesota Composers Forum, (which Paulus co-founded), at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

 A Refined Reflection (for Solo Organ)

Commisioned for Caron Farmer in 2013 as an additional movement to the Baronian Suite, (for Michael Baron of the famed Pipe Dreams radio program). It is one of Paulus' best ever organ works and a Paulus family favorite. Its beauty is astounding and the harmonic development is otherworldly. Perfect for an organ recital. 


Blithely Breezing Along (for Solo Organ)

This is another fantastic selection for an organ recital and taken as well from the Baronian Suite written for Michael Baron. It's 7 minutes long and was premiered by the American Guild of Organists' 2008 Organ Spectacular. It's a powerhouse of a piece with beautiful dynamic range that's sure to impress.


Seven for the Flowers Near the River (for Viola and Piano)

Commissioned for the world renown violist, Cynthia Phelps and pianist Warren Jones, this piece was performed at Alice Tully Hall in 1988. This 19 minute piece runs the gamut technically and dynamically over 7 breathtaking movements.



Premiered by the Cleveland Quartet in 1990 at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington D.C., this amazing piece is written for string quartet (2 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello) and is 20 minutes long.

The Road Home

Paulus' most famous work to date, this is perfect for solo recital or group choral recital. It's soaring melody, including a soprano solo, is startlingly moving and filled with grace. SATB, SSAA, TTBB, A Cappella


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